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What will our DNA test tell you?

If you are suffering from pain, inflammation, insomnia, digestive problems, malnutrition, immune compromise, or you have a family history of certain illness, our DNA test can provide you very useful information such as which genes and mutations are related to the illness, how likely your would develop the illness including cancer in the later stage of your life.

How can the information guide you in the control of your health?

We would share our knowledge and interpretation with you. You would have a basic understanding of your genetic make up. 

What can you you do about the DNA test?

You can share it with your family and care providers. You can work with them and find a solution. For example, you can change your life style and such action could potentially suppress the cancer gene expression, delay the progression of diseases ,or even prevent the disease from occurring.  


iGenome Pathway To Cure

We are a biotech company specialized in DNA test and data analysis. With theories, principles,  and algorithms in medicine and biotechnology, we perform data analysis in related to the linkage and correlated factors between human genomic profiles and diseases including cancer and immunodeficiency. The test and data would be helpful in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our goal is to support each individual in facing challenges in health , adapting to environment change and Improving quality of life.

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